About the Company:

Hammered Horse Products was created when the founders, Bob and Margaret Michaels, started living the dream of owning horses and trail riding with wonderful friends that they met through their riding adventures. One of the inspirations for starting the company was a desire to make things that would help other horse lovers take care of the horses and tack that are so important to riders. Bob, being a carpenter by trade, began building saddle stands, hoof picks, and horse shoe creations as functional and artistic pieces. Many of these became holiday and birthday gifts for their new friends.

Dissatisfied with the wire rack type of saddle stands, Bob decided to build wooden saddle stands to keep saddles clean and dry after a day on the trails. Riders need storage to keep tack related items clean and organized so Bob incorporated a drawer into the design to allow people to keep all of their things in one place.

Unable to find a good quality hoof pick, Bob went back into the shop and made his first pick. Not completely happy with the design, he asked Margaret for help. In no time, she came up with a subtle change to the design that we feel is not just something nice to look at but also very functional.

Bob also enjoys leather craft tooling and has created many beautiful and functional ways to incorporate this love into his other creations including name plaques for stalls, custom frames and many other areas.

We continue to find inspiration for design from our friends and our love of horses. We hope that you will enjoy the equine related items created by Hammered Horse Products for years to come.

Let us know if there is anything you feel we could improve upon.

Thank you,

Bob and Margaret Michaels